How many computers?

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 12:57:14 1998

I guess now it's my turn..

Amiga 500 (got two of those), 3000
Apollo DN4000 & DN5500
Apple ][+, //c, //gs
Atari 800
Commodore VIC-20, 128, 128D
Compaq Deskpro 286
Convergent Technologies NGEN systems in 186, 286, and 386 flavours
IBM PCjr (I STILL can't get over what an utter piece of crap it is)
Macintosh 128k, Plus, SE/30 (two of those, too), IIsi
NeXTcube; NeXTstation
SGI Indy (not even close to being classic)
TI 99/4A
TRS-80 Models III and 4P

Plus the obligatory 486 (got one of the first boards, it's fairly close to
being classic itself) and pentium systems, as well as the odd one or two
I've forgotten.

Apocrypha... back when SGI first announced the Indy in 1993 or 1994, they
ran a contest to give away five machines: Why you wanted an Indy, in 25
words or less. My entry won 7th place. Oh well, I got one anyway, even
though it took me an extra five years. (:

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