How many computers?

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Date: Mon Jul 13 19:57:02 1998

The MSD drives were perhaps the first 1541 clones, though I am not positive of
They were not complete compatible, so copy protected software probably would
not work.

I didn't realize they required a dongle.

Hmm, how many computers.

HP Pentium 300.
Sparc LX
486/33 clone
SWTPC 6800 systems (2)
RCA Cosmac VIP (3)
Commodore C128 (2)
Commodore C128D
Commodore 64 (a dozen or so)
Commodore +4 (2)
Commodore SuperPet
Commodore Vic 20
Timex Sinclair 1000
Atari 400 (2)
Atari 800
Atari 600xl
Atari 800xl
Atari 1040ST
Atari 2600
Apple 2e
Apple 2c
Apple 2gs
Macintosh +
Macintosh 512
TRS80 Model 3 (2)
TRS80 Model 4
TRS80 Model 4p
Tandy Coco 2
Tandy Coco 3
TI 99/4a (3)

Most work.


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> >What's a dual floppy unit? Never seen one...
> >>Commodore 64c, dual floppy unit, 1200baud modem
> Well, I can't tell you who made it, but it's a little tower with two 5.25"
> drives mounted vertically, and requires a dongle on one of the joystick
> ports to work. I haven't even cranked it up yet to compare the performance
> to the C 15xx series drives. I think the model number is MSD-2. The MSD-1
> was a single drive unit.
> I have all the docs and disks that came with it, so when I ever do get it
> cranked up, I'll post the specifics.
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