How many computers?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 20:07:37 1998

>Every so often, someone asks how many computers I have, and I always find
>it hard to give a straight answer. It depends whether you count half a
>dozen 68000 boards as 1 + spares, or 6 -- I only have two keyboards and one
>PSU rigged up for them -- or none, since I haven't got the orignal case or
>PSU. Or the PDP-11s; I have several spare CPUs and other boards, but only
>a few cabinets.

Well, just tell 'em what I do. I've got about 70 computers (See the web
page if you want the list, I'm not typing them all in :^) ), not counting
duplicates/spares. However, I do count such things as a "Beige Mac Plus"
and a "Platinum Mac Plus" separatly, despite the fact the only real
difference is the colour of the case (well, in this case the keyboards
also). Still I think the only systems that fall into that catagory are the
Mac Plus, TI-99/4a, and A1200(HD).

Here is a question, how do you include terminals? For example I've got a
Tandy WP-2, it's a combo Word Processor, terminal sort of thing, basically
a keyboard with a LCD strip. Would it be a computer, or a terminal.

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