How many computers?

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Date: Tue Jul 14 13:41:23 1998

> I was just wondering, how many computers do all you have out there???

Right. My turn now. Unlike most of you, it seems, a lot of my computers
don't work. I seem to acquire faster than I can repair - perhaps
because computers are just one hobby among many, perhaps because
acquiring computers is relatively easy...

I have about 60. Last time I counted I got to about 51 but I don't
think I got them all.

A selection:

Assorted PETs, at least one C64 and a couple of VIC 20s (one with
missing keytop);

Assorted PDPs in various states of disrepair, plus a large number of
spare M-series boards (both Unibus and Qbus, including several CPU
boards) and a couple of Rainbows;

Several BBC model Bs (don't know what sorts) and an electron;

Tatung Einstein, TI 99/4A;

Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum, Spectrum +2;

IBM PC-AT, 6150 (= RT PC tower model), System/23 (5332 Datamaster);

A couple of Compaq 386 lapdogs;

HP 71C, 75C, 85, 86, 87 (but the HP I use most is my 28C - I suppose
that's a classic now);

Sirius-1, FTS Series-88 (nearly two of those), Superbrain;

I recently got a couple of Apple ][ and a couple of Exidy Sorcerors;

But my favourite is the Tektronix 4052 graphics box. With luck, I'll
bring it to the VCF this autumn ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H fall.

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