Painting Macs (was: fake NeXT)

From: Rax <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 13:49:38 1998

>>If I ever get the time, I want to do a custom paint job on my SE/30.
>>Remember the fighter planes of WW2 that had the mouth/teeth/eyes painted on
>>the nose? You get the picture... :)
>I've been tempted to do that too. :-) What kind of paint would be best
>for this? And how would you go about cleaning the unit before hand?
>Tom Owad
>Sysop of Caesarville Online
>Client software at: <>

My ex-girlfriend painted her Mac metalflake purple. She got the paint from
a model shop - it's the stuff they use for painting plastic models. I
thought it would fuck everything up when she spray-painted the keyboard,
but it didn't seem to do it any harm. Worked fine, but it certainly
challenged one's touch-typing skills...


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