hard drive data recovery

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Jul 14 20:19:37 1998

If you are removing a head arm and working on it, you can wrap
everything but the actual connection in clean plastic. I wouldn't expect
smoke particles to magically fall off the arm onto the platter, even if
the arm is upside down. Plus, smoke travels upwards, and I would expect
little of it to settle if you use a fan or something. As soon as you
finish soldering, take it back to the clean box, and put it inside to
let it cool off or to reassemble (unless it's still smoking). As for
doing activities which involve platters, that's a trickier thing. I have
no idea what you would do if you had a problem with the motor or the
axle on which the platters are mounted.

Now, my question. Let's say a single head crashes. This would raise up
some dust off the platter, right? Would it be possible to recover the
material that wasn't destroyed by the dragging head? What if this
deformed the platter?

>Serious question. What do you do if you need to resolder a head
>connection or something? Do you remove the head assembly from the clean
>box, solder it, clean if off with IPA, put it back in the clean box and
>reassemble or what? I can't believe you want flux smoke in the HDA.
>> Philip.

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