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From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 20:13:31 1998

>There is a tape drive and 5.25" hard drive in the MicroPDP. The tape
>looks like it takes a TU58-size tape (could it be a TU58?) Also, there's
>a third-party dual width card with light blue ejector handles with
>"UDC11" stamped in white letters on one. Don't know where the ribbon
>cable goes that's connected to it. I'll take the BA11 chassis out and
>peek inside tonight and report what I find on these questions.

The BA23 was originally marketed with an 5.25" RD series drive and an
RX50 dual 5.25" floppy drive. Later, for the MicroVAX/VaxStationI/II/IIRC
system, the RX50 was replaced by a TK50. There was also a configuration
with an RX33 instead of either the RX50 or TK50.

A TU58 type tape drive sounds very strange for the BA23... maybe it
was packaged by someone else? (Would the single TU58 tape drive of
a Vax-11/730 be adaptable to the skids of a BA23 drive bay?)

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