Painting Macs (was: fake next)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 07:58:06 1998

> >DEC did have a nice desk with a builtin short rack, it was sold with
> >PDP-8s used for small business office applications. It looked like a
> >regular desk, but the left side was actually a 19" wide rack. It held a
> >BA-11 and a dual 8" floppy box. For our customers that was more popular
> >than the "designer" panels.
> I actually have one of those desks (I bought it from DEC Salvage about
> 12 or so years ago). Yes, the left side had a 19" wide set of standard
> rails... but there was also a 19" wide set of rails on the right, only
> accessable from the back. This was a perfect spot for a power
> controller.

I, too, have one of these desks. A PDP-8/a fits in that shallow set of
rails, but it's a bitch to install/deinstall because of the fans on the
outside of the CPU chassis. It's worth it, because you can have an -8
with RX02 and RL01 all in one place, a recessed well for a VT52, *and*
on the front, a working power switch (to a DEC power controller)
and boot switch (to the DKC8-A?) When I was in college, I had mine set
up thusly in the living room. Mind you, even in the mid-80's it elicited
comment from visitors.

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