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From: Ethan Dicks <erd_at_infinet.com>
Date: Wed Jul 15 08:37:20 1998

> Well, I have DOS 1.1 (May, 1982) and Windows 1.03. In fact, I'm in the
> process of de-compiling DOS 1.1, now. BootSector: done. IBMBIO: 75% done.
> IBMDOS: not started yet.
> I'm still looking for DOS 1.0. In fact, I have copies of many true-IBM
> dos-es (not OEM versions).

I may be able to help... I worked for a company in the early '80's, Bruce
and James. They wrote a program for the PC called WordVision, intended
to be the first of what we now call an office suite. It required 96K
of RAM, a floppy disk and DOS 1.0 or higher. The install disk was, IIRC,
DOS 1.0. The only hitch is that it's copy protected. You had to boot the
original floppy and run an installation program to make slave disks. You
could then copy the application from the slave disks to other diskettes
or a hard drive. If only the program didn't use a cycle-counting key repeat
loop, it'd still work on newer hardware.

If teledisk or some such can package up the disk image, I can see about
making it available for such a worthy project. I wanted to dig through the
disk anyway, to look for the oft-discussed Digital Research strings.

It's not a full DOS 1.0 kit, but it is the bootsector, IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS.
Let me know if you are interested.

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