Help ID Emulex quad module

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 14:21:30 1998

At 21:13 14-07-98 -0400, you wrote:
>>There is a tape drive and 5.25" hard drive in the MicroPDP. The tape
>>looks like it takes a TU58-size tape (could it be a TU58?) Also, there's
>>a third-party dual width card with light blue ejector handles with
>>"UDC11" stamped in white letters on one. Don't know where the ribbon
>>cable goes that's connected to it. I'll take the BA11 chassis out and
>>peek inside tonight and report what I find on these questions.
>The BA23 was originally marketed with an 5.25" RD series drive and an
>RX50 dual 5.25" floppy drive. Later, for the MicroVAX/VaxStationI/II/IIRC
>system, the RX50 was replaced by a TK50. There was also a configuration
>with an RX33 instead of either the RX50 or TK50.

My uPDP has an RX50 and an as yet undetermined RD which I have to take out
to see model designation. No time yet, but it is a "Vector" brand. Ever
hear of this company?

Confirm yes or no for me that an RX33 is a 3.5" floppy?

>A TU58 type tape drive sounds very strange for the BA23... maybe it
>was packaged by someone else? (Would the single TU58 tape drive of
>a Vax-11/730 be adaptable to the skids of a BA23 drive bay?)

Well, it actually is not a TU58 as there are TU58's on both VAXen sitting
in my garage. I was not sure yet if there were more than one "style" of
case for a TU58. I mentioned TU58 anyway to try to give an idea to folks
what size tape cartidge fits. Bad idea, Chris, bad idea. Go sit in the
corner.... Anyway, the tape drive is a Syquest of some sort. Again, I have
to remove the tape drive to determine the model number.

No cartidge tapes of any sort were with any of the VAX or uPDP stuff; only
three TK50 CompacTapes (sp.?) were with my uVAXII.

So much stuff to go through and resolve questions, so little time
available.... Sigh.

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