Help ID Emulex quad module(here's more info...)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:48:08 1998

On Jul 15, 15:01, Christian Fandt wrote:

> This is "tomorrow". More details from that silvery sticker:
> "TOP ASSY TC0210201-FSH"
> "S/N 93395"
> "Sub ASSY C3987 C"
> Hmmm, that Top Assy number has TC02 in it Tim. Also, when looking at the
> board from the component side up, edge fingers downward, there is a male
> 26-pin header at top left and a male 20-pin header at top right. In top
> center is a 4-position DIP switch (SW1) and a single LED (CR1). Just to
> left of center and downward there are SW2 and SW3 which are both
> 10-position DIP switches. "C3987" is on a small bar coded sticker under
> left-hand 50-pin header.
> With that TC02 in the Top Assy number would that mean this is indeed a
> tape I/F as you figured?

It's exactly the TC02 that I have (and have the manual for). The two male
headers you mentioned are for diagnostics connections the factory used. It
can handle up to 4 tape drives (that's what 4 of 10-way DIP switch are
I can dig out the manual for you next week -- sorry, this week is too
hectic to do it right now. You might want to send me some private email to
remind me, of course :-)

> If so what tape drive model(s) should I be looking for?

Any Pertec-interface drive. Kennedy drives were popular.

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