How many computers?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:25:39 1998

On Jul 15, 0:47, Christopher Denham wrote:

> I have a Torch its a big box 2 5 1/4 drives plugs into the Tube of
> the BBC and runs msdos about half the speed of a XT .........

That sounds like a Graduate. There were several Torch units; the original
was a Eurocard-sized Z80 processor that fitted inside the BBC and came with
dual double-sided 80-track drives in a case styled to fit under the Beeb.
 Notorious for noisy head solenoids and a rather iffy SMPSU. Then came the
Graduate, based on an 8086 (?), followed by the Unicorn, which was a
repackaged Beeb with a Z000 (? or 68000?) running a Xenix derivative.

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