A couple more questions, 8/M's and Es

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Wed Jul 15 21:59:12 1998

Hi Chuck:

> My question is how can I figure out if the 8/M chassis has the
> requisite 8v lamp supply so that if I found an 8/e front panel I
> could plug it in? Alternatively, if I pulled the 8/e panel I have
> off, and plugged it into the other one to see if it would work,
> would this damage it? (the FAQ says that you can run the LED
> panel on an E but the going the other way is ambiguous.)

You can run a LED front panel in an 8/E, Tim Shoppa and I tried this
about January. There are two connector lugs on the left hand side of both
types of front panels. The 8/e uses both lugs, an 8/f or other LED-style
panel only the blue. The blue lead is -15V, the yellow is 8V. The lugs on
the front panel are labelled "YELLOW" and "BLUE", just connect the proper
wires. Leave the yellow wire unconnected to use the LED front panel in
your 8/e. This works, we tried it.

To find out if your supply has an 8V output, best dig out the voltmeter
and check the leads coming from it!

> I need an omnibus extender card, did such a thing
> exist?

I'm sure that they did, but I've never seen one. I'm currently waiting on
connectors so that I can make one. Heck, I could make two if you need one.

If anyone wants to make their own, the connectors are hard to find. Here's
a suitable part number:

Manufacturer: EDAC, they're at 416-754-3322

Part #s: 346-036-540-201

Any of these connectors will work, they are 0.125" spacing 36 contact edge
connectors, 18 per side. You'll need 4 for an omnibus extender.

The first two types are best, as they don't have mounting ears. The last 4
parts have mounting ears that can easily be cut or ground off to allow the
connectors to be properly spaced.

Hope this helps,


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Wed Jul 15 1998 - 21:59:12 BST

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