A couple more questions, 8/M's and Es

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_freegate.com>
Date: Wed Jul 15 22:34:51 1998

Kevin McQuiggin wrote:
> You can run a LED front panel in an 8/E, Tim Shoppa and I tried this
> about January. There are two connector lugs on the left hand side of both
> types of front panels. The 8/e uses both lugs, an 8/f or other LED-style
> panel only the blue. The blue lead is -15V, the yellow is 8V. The lugs on
> the front panel are labelled "YELLOW" and "BLUE", just connect the proper
> wires. Leave the yellow wire unconnected to use the LED front panel in
> your 8/e. This works, we tried it.

This is very weird because the 8/e LAMP based front panel on one of my
machines does _not_ have the yellow connector connected! So its set up
just like an 8/M front panel. Very weird.

> I'm sure that they did, but I've never seen one. I'm currently waiting on
> connectors so that I can make one. Heck, I could make two if you need one.

If you can make two that would be superb. Let me know what you need in
terms of financial support. The point for the connectors is an excellent
find as well! Thanks.

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