RT11 SIG tapes

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Thu Jul 16 00:28:08 1998

At 08:20 15-07-98 -0800, you wrote:

>No need to apologize; the archive is a long-term project (as any
>project involving hundreds of megabytes of data and spread over
>most of a decade must be), and a delay of a couple weeks in getting
something in there >isn't going to kill anybody.

        Gotcha. Could you E-mail me the list once more, so I can do some careful
comparison? What I will do is copy the ones that have a major discrepancy,
and the one that's not in there, and get them off to you.

>Unfortunately, DECUS has totally abandoned all PDP-11 based contributions
>unless by accident they found their way into the VMS SIG tapes. I haven't

        Arrrghhhhh.... it's kind of ironic too. I've spoken with a senior sales
type at Mentec. He tells me that a hobbyist license for things like RT11
and RSTS is not out of the question. It just happens to be low on Mentec's
priority list at the moment since they're busy with paying customers and
Y2K issues.

        At least I didn't get an outright 'No!' or 'Bug off!'

>Thanks, it's appreciated! (Now if I could only find that skinny blue
>book that I've been promising you, Bruce...)

        Oho, you remembered. ;-) Thanks!

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