Transputer documentation required

Date: Thu Jul 16 11:20:47 1998


> Nice!. I've got n Microway Monoputer, Inmos B008 (with a load of TRAMs)
> and a B020 graphics card here.

For the record, I've:

3 Gemini GM8101 T800D/20
1 Gemini GM8104 T800D/20 (graphics)
1 Gemini GM8401 (link adapter)
1 Transtech TMB04 T800D/20 + 2 size one T800D/20 TRAMs
2 Sundance ST101 T800D/20 and T805D/30
1 Microway Monoputer2 T800D/20

A GM8101 has 5 sets of jumpers (1 to 3 jumpers per set) and a
DIN41612 edge connector (64pins in 96 shell). I've got the
edge connector sussed but not the jumpers, except for the
three labelled LNK2 which set the clock rate of the T800.

The TMB04 has 10 (3pin) jumpers and 20 dip switches (in blocks
of 8,4,8). The edge connected is a D37 but I've a hedgehog
for it. So again, I understand the connector.

The Monoputer2 has a 20way(?) berg into which is plugged a tiny
hedgehog. Again its the jumpers I'm lost on. This appears to be
different to your Monoputer C.

A ST101 has a number of dip switches and a few jumpers (may be
wrong here) and a D25 connector. I've not got the pinout for
the connector.

The GM8104 has no connector so I would assume that its meant
to be used with the GM8401 link adapter, which is a 25way D.

> BTW, here's what the pins are for, in general. I'll assume you have an
> INMOS link pinout. pin 1 is at the top of the board, row a is nearest the
> PCB.
> B1-B5 PC link
> B6 NotLink (PC interface enable)
> A1-A6 Not used
> B7-B11 Link 0
> A7-A11 Link 1
> B13-B17 Link 2
> A13-A17 Link 3
> B22-B26 PC 'system' link (Reset, Analyse, Error)
> A22-A26 Subsystem 'system' link
> B27 NotSystem (PC system link enable)
> A27 Not used
> B28-B32 Up 'system' link
> A28-A32 Down 'system' link

This is what I've 'discovered' for the GM8101 connector.
> What Transputer books do you have?

Don't have them with me at the moment, so a list to follow,
maybe 10 or so.

> -tony

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