How many computers?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 01:16:35 1998

On Jul 16, 1:50, Tony Duell wrote:
> Subject: Re: How many computers?
> > >That sounds like a Torch Graduate machine. An MS-DOS copro for the
> > >micro. I have one, but alas I'm missing the host ROM and systems disk
> > for=20
> > >it :-(.
> > I dont thing it needs a rom in the BBC , I have the system disks If
> I am suprised. I guess it works with the standard Tube host routines.
> Odd, as it doesn't (IIRC) contain a Tube ULA. Or does it use the same
> host ROM as the Z80 copro (those I have).
> Does anyone know for certain? I'd not want to waste your time if there
> are other bits I need.

I'm sure it doesn't use the standard Tube routines; in face most Torch
devices play merry hell with Acorn's Tube code, which tends to see that
something is there but can't deal with it.

I suspect it used the same ROM as the Z80. A colleague used to have a
Graduate, so I'll ask him today.

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