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In a message Christian Fandt, Electronic/Electrical Historian wrote:
> Could you give an example where we may have seen a QIC36 or QIC02 tape? It
> doesn't ring a bell here.

The tapes are DC300, DC450, DC600, DC6150, DC6250, DC6350 etc.
They've been used in everything from Sun and other Unix workstations
through PDP's to early PC/XT's.

Common manufacturers were Archive, Techmar, Tandberg.
QIC-36 and QIC-02 were the interface standards for the
drives. QIC-36 and QIC-02 drives often could interchange tapes.
The difference was the amount of smarts in the controller vs. the
tape drive (I seem to remember).

My PC and some workstations used QIC-36 tape drives with a QIC36-QIC02
converter board.

Some of these also used QIC-36 or QIC-02 to SCSI converters.


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