IBM 3380 HDA

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Date: Thu Jul 16 14:29:00 1998

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> << I just acquired an IBM 3380 HDA which weighs 70 lbs, and is in a clear
> plastic case. Does anybody know the lineage of this? The HDA has IBM
> 390X-001 as well as 13-E8719-CJ printed on a label.
> >>
> hmmm, i remember seeing 3380/3880 dasd units back in 1992 when i was a
> computer operator running an IBM 4381 and later an ES9000. kinda useless for a
> pc although fascinating to look at. belt drive and everything!

3380s and 3880s were certainly around when I was at IBM in 1985-86,
mostly on 308X mainframes. I'll have a look-see if I have any info
(probably just marketing bumf as usual).

It is the clear plastic case that intrigues me. Do you mean you can see
the platters and heads and things? I have a vague memory of the HDs in
our system/34 being like that. Nice.

I also once saw a later disk model (9330 or something like that?), demo
version, which not only had a clear plastic case, but had the platters
replaced by discs of clear plastic, too. It didn't power up or anything
- strictly for showing tourists when on the factory tour...

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