How many computers?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 10:02:18 1998

This thread is becoming awesome!!

 OK I've been holding off. Since I'm the great procrastinator, I've been
avoiding catalogueing what I've got.

 Synapsis is I've got 40 to 50 computers, heavy into Atari and PS2
Many monitors that I'm weeding out to keep the unique ones like the
 Radius Portrait for Apples or historic like the IBM 5151and 5153.

Vic-20, C-64 ,C-64c, C128
Mac Plus, Apple II, IIPlus , IIe
CoCo 1 and CoCo 2
TI 4/99
TRS80 model II with 3 physically huge 8 meg HDDs
Phillips Micom 2000 dedicated WP with an 8" Shugart
 and a Qume daisy wheel printer that has a power supply big enough
 to power a small villiage.
Epson QX-10 which I'm only missing a monitor to activate.
Phillips XT Luggable with pop-up floppies. The nicest design I've seen yet for
 a luggable.
Kaypro 2X that I haven't got running yet, but soon.
DEC Rainbow, one of my first garbage finds that after 4 years I finally have
 the all hardware for. Last week a local store anti'd up a BC002 cable.
Wang PC002 no means of I/O , but I'm sure it will turn up.
NEC Prospeed 286 laptop
Numerous other MSDOS boxes

 I think what especially interests me are the external hacks. Like the
Intel Inboard 386 a 5150, or the hardcard drives. I have a good
proportion of the Atari and C64 add-ons. I have an X1541 cable for a C64. The
adapter on my CoCo 2 that I still haven't explored its use. A Videomate to use
my old boxes as TV's long before the new TV cards for Windoze. Of course you
could do the same with a VCR and a composite video. Quickshot remote control
Joysticks Some graphics tablets.
 These were all attempts to respond to a burgeoning home-computer market that
were developed in response to consaumer wants. Many of these small but
highly innovative companies quickly disappeared. The boards switches were
not easily evident unless you had the documentataion So if the board cloned
the IBM docunentation you're home-free but if it was a board that had
anomilies, you're on your own. That to me is one of the values of this m-l .
Having access to true hardware hackers like Tony Duell and Allison and others.

ciao larry
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