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From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 17:01:11 1998

> Well... I finally found one, I ordered a used Imsai 8080 from an
> undisclosed place in CA (they had one on consignment) and they're
> shipping it to me here in Boston.

Advice to a new IMSAI owner:
1) if you take the front panel off, tape the plastic sandwich with the
film for the front panel logo so it doesn't come apart. Also, tape the
allen head screws on so they don't come out. This is real handy when
the time comes to reassemble. You will discover you need 4 hands to do
it: one to hold panel, one to position screws, one to hold spacers in
back, one to tighten screws.

2) DISCONNECT THE FRONT PANEL AC SWITCH!!! Put an on/off power switch
in the back, use a hole next to the fan (most back plates had one.
Don't run the AC power through the front panel.

3) If its been heavily used, chances are the bus connectors may be worn.
Wiggle cards a bit when STOPed and see if status lights change. You
might have to hunt for the least worn slots.

4) Look for purple plague. If it's old, the socketed IC pins or card
edge connectors may have oxidation (usually purple or black
discoloration). You may need to check the front panel for this if it's

5) Check the +8, +/-16, and GND pins on the bus connectors before
powering up, make sure nothing's shorted.
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