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From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 17:19:05 1998

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Jack Peacock wrote:

> 1) if you take the front panel off, tape the plastic sandwich with the
> film for the front panel logo so it doesn't come apart. Also, tape the
> allen head screws on so they don't come out. This is real handy when
> the time comes to reassemble. You will discover you need 4 hands to do
> it: one to hold panel, one to position screws, one to hold spacers in
> back, one to tighten screws.

The trick I used was to put all of the screws and spacers in the
front-panel first. Gravity will keep the whole mess together while you
align it with the chassis. Then you only need one hand for the panel, and
one to tighten the screws :-)

> 2) DISCONNECT THE FRONT PANEL AC SWITCH!!! Put an on/off power switch
> in the back, use a hole next to the fan (most back plates had one.
> Don't run the AC power through the front panel.

Why not? I powered-up through the front panel, but with the front-panel
removed from the backplane.

> 5) Check the +8, +/-16, and GND pins on the bus connectors before
> powering up, make sure nothing's shorted.

I found the power supply wasn't very well regulated, so you might see
higher voltages without a load. Which pins on the S-100 bus correspond to
those volatages? I just checked the mobo terminals, one of which was

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