DIGI-COMP 1 Assembly Instructions now available

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Jul 18 11:15:53 1998

Thankfully, I was using a T1 at the time I first looked at this page and
didn't notice the size of the images. The first thing you should do is
reduce them from RGB to Grayscale. I tried it and it doesn't reduce
image quality at all. Also, does anyone currently own the rights to
this? I would like to make an HTML and DVI version of it, which would be
much easier to read, since it wouldn't involve as much horizontal

Now, some questions about the computer itself.
A) How much did it cost in 1998 dollars?
B) Was there ever a DIGI-COMP II?
C) What type of plastic was used in it?
D) Has anyone tried to make one?
E) How popular was it?
F) What year was it terminated?

Basically, a brief history.

>Due to popular demand, I have finally gotten around to
>adding the DIGI-COMP 1 Assembly Instructions to the
>collection of other scanned DIGI-COMP 1 manual pages at
>http://galena.tjs.org/digicomp/ . They are all 300 DPI
>grayscale images - in other words, huge! The parts list
>alone (Page 1) should be immensely helpful for those
>wishing to create their own DIGI-COMP.
>Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me over the past few
>This account is used so mailing lists don't
>clutter up Tom's real account. If you really
>want to talk to Tom, use tom(at)galena.tjs.org

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