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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Jul 18 11:42:11 1998

< >they couldn't charge you on anything if they found out you were
< physically messing with the line.


If you violate the NI (bell parlance for network interface) which is the
demarcation line to your home or business and damage their equipment you
will likely be at the end of both criminal and civil charges. The key
issues would be if the cause is deliberate, neglegence or accidental.
They do actively persue this as deliberate tampering with their business
as both a public safety issue and interfering with their conducting
business in an unlawful manner (mischeif, vandalism).

I would bet in Europe there are certain actions available as well.

The oddity of it all is if you fry the phone line who really looses?
Your out the use of the phone and their interface equipment is likely
protected as they have to worry about power distibution lines and
lightining getting into their stuff. The damage would be more to the user
than TPC (the phone company).

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