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From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sun Jul 19 03:30:35 1998

  Hello List-ites....

  I have a question for the non-RT11-impaired among us:

  I am attempting (sporadically) to get an 11/34a back in it's
original shape, when it ran a Hollywood audio company's accounting
and sales functions. It had two RK05s and several software packages
running under MACRO, Unix, and USCD pSystem Pascal.

  Right now only one of the drives is hooked up, set to drive '0'.
It will boot and run the UCSD stuff and it will boot RT-11(V2.0)....
except that, in 7 out of the 7 packs with RT-11.... it is as if KMON
was missing or damaged; it boots up to the dot prompt and then
returns the ?ILL? message no matter which command I give it. I have
RT-11(V5.0) on my 11/73 and it is fully functional, so I have had
some cursory (N.P.I.) experience with the OS.

  I am at another one of those self-teaching impasses.. I can't do
much more with the system the way it is... sigh.

  Has anyone any ideas? Magic words? Mystery switches? Or should I
just chuck this wretched humiliating heavy loud time-consuming
suppossed-to-be-a-fun-toy..... sorry. Time for my meds again. I'm
fine now... quite calm actually.





PS: Anyone found a junk Kennedy 9300 tape machine whose vacuum
column door is in good shape... I *need* one real bad....


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