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From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Jul 19 08:11:04 1998

> Right now only one of the drives is hooked up, set to drive '0'.
>It will boot and run the UCSD stuff and it will boot RT-11(V2.0)....
>except that, in 7 out of the 7 packs with RT-11.... it is as if KMON
>was missing or damaged; it boots up to the dot prompt and then
>returns the ?ILL? message no matter which command I give it. I have
>RT-11(V5.0) on my 11/73 and it is fully functional, so I have had
>some cursory (N.P.I.) experience with the OS.

Ah... you're playing with an RT-11 which didn't have DCL... there are
no quick shortcuts to accomplish things. To get a directory of
your disk:

        R PIP

There is no 'HELP' command... each utility has to be run explicitly.
There is no BUP, DUP, DIR... the functions that were split out into
DUP and DIR are still in PIP...

Back when I first used V2... I wrote what I called a supplementary
command scanner which was invoked if KMON couldn't otherwise identify
the command. So I had a sort of CCL way back in 1976 or so (when I
was at WPI).

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