Recompilong old DOS

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 08:14:44 1998

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998 05:54:31 -0800 (PDT), Tim Shoppa
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>It's probably not too far off target. The original QDOS was certainly
>developed on a S-100 CP/M-80 system - Tim Paterson's articles in _BYTE_
>make this much obvious - but most Microsoft products
>of the era were cross-compiled from one of several DEC minicomputers
>that Microsoft owned or "leased" time on. I know that most of their early
>Macintosh products were developed on a TOPS-10 system, in particular.
>I would guess that after they bought QDOS, Microsoft moved development
>to a TOPS-10 platform.


    Do you have copies of those articles handy? I'd really like to get
copies of them.


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