From: Tom Owad <tomowad_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Jul 19 09:01:47 1998

>> >A full reel of tape was 1000' I think. That's about 100K of data (to give
>> >an order of magnitude). A full box of fanfold tape would be about the same.
>> I also have some reels of film-like tape. What's the proper name for it?
>> How does it compare to the paper tape?
>Are these little reels about 4" in diameter of 3/4" magnetic tape? If so,
>they're the original DECtapes.

   That sounds right. In fact, the readers are even labeled
"DECtape55"s. How much do these hold?
   What is used to 'punch' the paper tape? My reader certainly doesn't
look like it's capable.


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