From: 1LT Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Sun Jul 19 13:48:00 1998

I can't find who was originally asking to locate some copies of OS/2. I
just pulled down a copy of Warp (requires Windows already installed).

The software comprises 2 floppies to install and 1 CD with the OS/2 v3
system and a "bonus" CD with IBM Works, Online access and 'more'.

The CDs are still shrink wrapped. I can't verify that it's original but
I know that where I picked them up would have no reason to re-wrap them.

I have no burning desire to let these go but if the people who
originally asked, or anyone else, REALLY needs it, I'll send them for
6.00 (six bucks) plus shipping.

Unfortunately for everyone, I ran OS/2 v3 for a while when it came out.
It turned a marginal machine into a hummer on the internet. It was
probably an excellent OS, just not too popular.

Please contact me direct at:

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