Pertec tape interface for PC

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 13:44:53 1998

I picked up a nice, small, 9-track tape drive made by Qualstar for use
with IBM PCs. The fellow I got it from said he had the ISA adapter and
software and manuals "somewhere in a box". Of course, he can't find
them, and it's the adapter and software that I'm really after, since
Pertec-interface 9-track drives are fairly common.

(I'd like to think this isn't the old "promise the important stuff to
have someone haul away the big stuff" ploy, but it's happened to me
several times now!)

Pehaps someone out there has one, or knows the whereabouts of an
ISA Pertec adapter, probably made by Qualstar, Chi Corporation, or
Overland Data. Software and docs to go with it are almost mandatory,
and anything that runs under DOS/Windows or any flavor of PC Unix is

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