mitsubishi <?> laptop

From: George Rachor <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 15:55:59 1998

Try control - Alt - insert AFTER booting a dos diskette...


George L. Rachor
Beaverton, Oregon

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998 wrote:

> i did some bartering a while back and got a mitsubishi 286 laptop circa 1987 i
> think. it boots up to some post errors which i can get past by hitting F1.
> it's a phoenix bios, and i've tried every key combination thats's known to
> access the cmos setup, all to no avail. it appears to have a hard drive, but
> am unable to access it. i've web searched everywhere, but cannot find any
> support contact for this machine. i ended up round filing a mitsubishi 386dx
> machine last year because i couldnt find any info on it. i didnt even get any
> replies in comp.sys.laptops about this laptop. help anyone?
> david
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