From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 16:06:34 1998

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Max Eskin wrote:

> I also want to brag that I got a Compaq Lite-25 486.

Bragging about Compaqs -- that's an interesting concept. Kind of like
being proud of pimples.

> question: does anyone know what their power connector pinout is? It's
> a weird little three-pin thing like the compaq monitor power
> interface. Does anyone have plugs or know where to get them?

Compaq is the leader in three areas of portable design: the world's most
fragile portables, the world's least ergonomic portables, and the world's
weirdest and largest variety of proprietary power connectors.

The power adapter is pretty hard to find, compared to finding a
thrown-away LTE Lite. I've never seen the connector available as a
standard part. You can also power the thing from the proprietary bus
connector, so you might have an easier time finding a cheap docking
station to power/charge than finding/making an A/C adatper.

Another alternative is a cool briefcase made for insurance adjusters that
was custom designed for the LTE Lite, and has an A/C plug in the
briefcase. You can get them for around $30 from Halted:

BTW, I need the flex cable that connects to the display of an LTE Lite.
I'll trade a battery for one.

-- Doug
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