Compaq (off topic)

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 13:08:31 1998

Sorry to continue, but I don't currently have newsgroup access and
I have serached on the newsgroups for my problem via Dejanews.
I decided to attempt to recharge my battery using a PC power supply.
Will this work? The battery is labelled to be 12V, 1.7 Ahr. It's a
NiCd. The power supply is 12V 6Ah. I'm doing it now, but I'm wondering
how long I should leave it, or should I not have done it at all.
Also, can I power the laptop with 6ah directly from the PSU though
the battery is rated at 1.7 without frying it?
No more questions about this from me. Thanks.
P.S. does anyone know why this laptop has three batteries? THe main
one that I was talking about above, a little black 2.7v NiCd like on
a PC, and a round flat one like in a watch, only bigger. What's this
last one for?

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