From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 14:36:54 1998

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Max Eskin wrote:

> Remember that Compaq is the first PC clone maker and the first
> portable PC maker ever. I think that's not bad.

The first company to clone a PC from the schematics IBM gave in the tech
ref? You don't even need to reverse engineer to do that. However, I
need a clarification from my fellow quasi-historians. Which of the
following was the first PC clone/portable?
(extra credit for release dates)

> I doubt any of that is true. I mean, sure, they're not GRiDs, and I
> don't think this one is unergonomic. The power connector bit, I'll

I have seen more broken hinges on Compaqs than any other machine. In
fact, I challenge anybody to find a used Compaq Concerto that doesn't have
broken hinges. There's a thriving third-party industry in Compaq Portable
repair. As a result of this, it's fairly easy to find replacement parts
for them (but often at high prices).

As far as ergonomics go, I give you 10 minutes of trying to use that
screen-mounted track ball before you throw the machine across the room.

> have to agree with. Unfortunatley, the docking station was being sold
> for more than the portable. But, hey! You use one too! Hipocrite ;)

I use Compaqs to practice my repair technique. I got a couple of them
recently in which the hinges had become degreased and stiff, so the owners
broke the displays off trying to use their laptops. I haven't found a
good replacement for the hinges yet, but re-greasing and reinforcing the
hinges with metal plates gives me working 486 laptops at around $10 each.
I put them to work as dedicated controllers and linux servers since their
power consumption is lower than an old desktop.
-- Doug
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