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From: dave dameron <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 14:45:08 1998

At 11:08 AM 7/20/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Sorry to continue, but I don't currently have newsgroup access and
>I have serached on the newsgroups for my problem via Dejanews.
>I decided to attempt to recharge my battery using a PC power supply.
>Will this work? The battery is labelled to be 12V, 1.7 Ahr. It's a
>NiCd. The power supply is 12V 6Ah.

The power supply is probably rated at 6A, not 6Ah. 6 amps charging would be too
much for an 1.7Amp hour battery and would greatly shorten its life. 200 or
300 mA would be much better.
However, charging a 12 Volt battery off a 12 Volt regulated power supply
most likely will not completely charge it, as the float charging voltage is
to 13.5 volts. You need something designed as a charger to get the full
capacity from the battery.

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