Need info on classic iron.

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 20:18:25 1998

Jeff Kaneko wrote:
> At 03:04 PM 7/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >2. Fortune 32:16, formerly running ForPro. Unfortunately, the boot drive
> crashed. He has tapes,
> >floppies, but no HD (I think) - is this worthy to be kept?
> The fortune 32:16 was one cool machine; it was way ahead for its time,
> so naturally, scarcely anyone bought them :-(

Aside from the graphics, it didn't have much to offer over the Tandy
Xenix systems, and Tandy easily beat it in price and support. It was
a lot _prettier_ than the Model 16 or Tandy 6000.

> There is the usual laundry list of languages and accounting apps for this,
> including, believe it or not-- Microsoft Multiplan! A definite keeper,
> especially if you can get one of those 14" drives!

Multiplan was available for _lots_ of Unix systems, starting with
Tandy Xenix. I've used it a lot on the AT&T Unix PC.
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