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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 19:57:27 1998

Doug Spence wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Jack Peacock wrote:
> > > Believe it or not there are still many people out there with old
> > (ancient) rotary dial telephones.
> >
> > Hey, I still have one, in my computer room (ex-spare bedroom) at home.
> > It's not so ancient, anyway, it's worked for the last 30 years, probably
> > good for another 30. The bell is disconnected so it doesn't ring, an
> > excellent feature.
> Uhhh... I still use a rotary dial telephone, with extremely loud clanger.
> Not in my room, but the household's main phone is one 'o those. It's the
> only 'public' one in the house, all the other ones sit in someone's
> bedroom.
> I still like that phone, but the ring really gives me a jolt sometimes.
> And yes, I am under 30, but my parents most definitely aren't. :)

One thing that can be said for those ancient Western Electric clunkers
is that they can't be killed, they can only be landfilled at a
crossroad with a stake through the bell. Rumour has it that that after
World War III the cockroaches will be able to use them to call Elvis.
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