From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Jul 21 07:10:17 1998

> Generally I'd agree, but in the case of the DEC VR201 I was challenged
< > It took me some 2 hrs. and I was ready to rip the case off before I fina
< > figured out that "that interesting little button on the rear" concealed
< > screw that held it all together. I think some fine art students on peyot
< > must have designed that case. It is unique I will admit.
< >
< > ciao larry
< >

While the VT100 case was easy to open the legal climate changed and easy
to open meant users (meaning idiots) should open it and hurt themselves
so they could sue. Screws like that oen in the VR200 and also others were
meant as a legal dodge as if you went through all the trouble to open that
you were delberate and if anything bad happnes it's on your head not DECs.
As some oen involved in the design process we always had to banance easy
to open with should it be openable at all. I know I was around DEC from
83->93 and worked with the corperate safety folks. You would not believe
the stories we would share...

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