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Date: Tue Jul 21 07:54:53 1998

> While the VT100 case was easy to open the legal climate changed and easy
> to open meant users (meaning idiots) should open it and hurt themselves
> so they could sue. Screws like that oen in the VR200 and also others were
> meant as a legal dodge as if you went through all the trouble to open that
> you were delberate and if anything bad happnes it's on your head not DECs.
> As some oen involved in the design process we always had to banance easy
> to open with should it be openable at all. I know I was around DEC from
> 83->93 and worked with the corperate safety folks. You would not believe
> the stories we would share...
> Allison

Please tell me some!

I actually thought it was to:

1. Discourage third party maintenance.
2. Avoid having the problems caused by the #$%^&* plastic clips on the
   VT100 breaking. Is there a cheap source of 'em for my pile of VT100's?
   I've been using bolts and crazy glue and nuts when needed.

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