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Date: Wed Jul 22 13:19:12 1998

>> This one I must agree with. Thank god I had some metric phillips
>> drivers to turn those Torx screws!!!
>> >You forgot one category: Most difficult to open. The last LTE I tried
>> to
>> >open required the skill of a surgeon to dissassemble.

Phillips driver to turn a Torx screw? Shame on you! Flat bladed much
more effective provided you select the correct width ;-)

> Since when does the use of Torx screws make something difficult to
> dismantle? They're a lot better than the crosspoint (Phillips, Pozidriv,
> etc) screws, which almost seem to be designed to cause the driver to
> 'cam out' when you try to shift them.
> Dismantling is easy, anyway. It's getting it back together that's
> interesting...

Dismantling the LTE-lite 20 is not easy. For those who wish to have a

1. Find the four obvious screws at the back of the case. Make sure
they are properly done up :-) Don't undo them! If you do you will
cause permanent damage.

2. Remove battery. Screwdriver inside battery compartment will pop
some of the clips that hold the top cover off.

3. Work around the edges, using additional force at the front corners,
until top cover fully popped. Then fold screen right back and lift off

4. Next undo the screw that holds the display cable in place (for cable
read flexible pcb) and unplug said cable.

5. Then and only then can you undo the four screws at the back, and
detach the screen.

Thereafter, fairly obvious. All the screws are Torx 9, except for a few
very small phillips in the display...

If you start by undoing the obvious screws, you will tear the display
cable, and it costs around 30 pounds to replace. Compaq don't sell to
the general public. but will tell you the names of dealers who do.

(Guess how I found that out!)

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