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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 14:33:01 1998

> Hans Franke wrote:
>> b) I had, until I switched to ISDN, still a 1927 Telephone
>> in every day use. Worked fine, even with the latest (analogue)
>> exchange :) - Noy I connect it via an a/b adaptor.

> Well done. But, pardon my ignorance, what is an a/b adaptor?

Sorry German tech talk - a/b are the 'names' of the two wires
for two wire (analogue) telephone connections - and an a/b-adaptor
is just a ISDN <-> analogue converter - so you van connect old
phones (dtmf and pulse) to ISDN lines.

> I've often wondered about adding a BCD-DTMF chip and a pulse counter to
> make dial phones do tones for all the robots you ring up and have to
> type numbers to communicate with. But where do I put # and *?
> Suggestions?



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