New rescue list

From: Bill Yakowenko <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 16:00:53 1998

Okay, I am now irked enough at that dead "Rescue List", that I've put up my
own version of it, copied from the old one. I hereby bring the ancient curse
upon myself.

The URL is . I
have added a "Current as of" date for each person, to help root out obsolete
info. Right now, those are all set to the list creation date (11-Jun-97).
If you find any of your info is wrong, let me know.

I'm also planning obfuscation of e-mail addresses, to foil spammers. My
favorite scheme is to insert extra letters, and leave an English description
of how to correct it (such as abcxde_at_foox.baxr "remove x's"). Let me know
if you object to this treatment of your address.

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