Compaq//safety issues

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 16:27:22 1998

For one thing, I don't think there's anything wrong with cheaters,
I have three or four connected to power strips and a microwave. If
a problem should happen, touching the case could cause instant death,
but a) so what b) what are the odds c)in an old apartment building
like mine, it's very difficult to maintain wiring and even talk about
it to the landlord. They won't even replace the valves on the
radiators! I might decide to actually attach those things to ground
sometime...I'm very lax with safety precautions. There is no way the
boy could have electrocuted himself with any modern keyboard I know
of, since it's mostly impossible to get to the components inside them
w/o taking the thing apart. An XT keyboard, OTOH, is metal which
could kill someone if the keyboard is damaged or plugged into the
wrong place. More likely is that he touched a bad power cable with
hand. If the PC got moved and the keyboard got unplugged, it could
undo any cables spliced together w/scotch tape (another of my bad
habits). In general, it's not too hard to believe. There's nothing
that could be done to prevent this from happening every so often.

>I would offer the following possible explanations :
>The PC was earthed (as it should be), and the boy was carrying a static
>charge. Zap!, but not fatal, or even a cause of serious injury.
>any piece of earthed metal would have had the same effect
>The PC case was connected to mains earth, which for some reason due to
>dangerous wiring wasn't the same as the local earth. If that's the
>time to check out all the wiring before more accidents happen.
>The PC case wasn't earthed, and was floating at about half mains
>due to the filtering components. This is acutally a nasty problem, and
>caused by idiots who use those 2 pin cheater adapters. The mains filter
>capacitors shouldn't be able to pass enough current to be fatal, but
>not bet on it.
>The boy tried to plug the keyboard into something other than the PC's
>keyboard port :-).
>> are trying to conn a computer out of their parents.
>> If I hear any more I will pass it along.
>> Charlie Fox

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