From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 18:45:27 1998

Do you have those weird two-prong things? My building is full of them
They're screws with a rounded head, and nothing on it but two little

>> > Ever done an IBM 5151 monitor? It's painful, and the details are
not in
>> > any IBM manual (for all there's a schematic given).
>> The thing I don't like about a lot of IBM stuff is the torx screws
with a
>> pin in the middle to stop as ordinary torx bit fitting. (I have been
>Yes, PC power supplies tend to be full of them. The proper tool - a
>tamperproof Torx bit - is pretty easy to obtain, actually. As are
>tamperproof hex (like allen keys with a hole in the middle), tri-wing,
>Torq, etc. I have the lot...

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