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I guess the 3274 could be called a computer here. it will process information
and if it can do something, it will take care of simple local tasks itself
rather than bothering the mainframe with things the 3274 could do itself.

 The 3274 is called a "terminal controller". It is not per se a
 computer, although I think it may have had microprocessors and things in
 it. The floppy drives were for saving and loading configuration data
 (along the lines of Port 1 a 3278, port 2 is a 3299 with 8 3278s hung
 off it, port 3 is a printer etc...) It multiplexes terminals and things
 to an IBM mainframe channel. While the 3278 and its relatives use the
 IBM SNA protocol over 93 ohm co-ax, the 3274 can AFAIK connect over an
 ordinary serial line. In which case all you need to do is write drivers
 for whatever machine you choose as the host...
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