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From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 08:34:17 1998

> Those $#%&$*^% 800 k disks. There are ways, but I have yet to successfully
>download and transfer anything to my Mac+ . The earlier Mac FAQ straight out
>said it couldn't be done. Likely the easiest way is to find some one to do
>on his Superdrive to a formatted 800 disk.

Or you could just buy a Mac IIsi or similiar for around $50 and do it

>The easiest way to do it would be to find someone with a Mac that's in your
>area. BTW I'm not sure you can create the floppies on a PPC Mac, it might
>take a 68k Mac. I had problems with this about a year ago, but I can't
>remember if I was creating Mac, Apple IIgs, or Lisa floppies. The PPC
>Mac's do not seem to handle the floppy drive as well as the 68k based ones,
>I've noticed this with standard Macintosh and PC 1.44Mb floppies.

I haven't had any trouble making 800k disks on my PM 6100. I did have
trouble making a System 0.9 disk on 400k, though (not sure if that's the
PM or the Mac Plus I was trying to run it on, though).

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