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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Fri Jul 24 17:08:14 1998

< In general, I hope everyone that prides themselves of running
< Electric Pencil on their Altairs is doing it for practical purposes,
< and not because they just want to show off that they won't use
< a PC.

While I do some of it on PC, more over time there are things I can do
faster and easier on the s100 crate or even the Kaypro.

< A server for what? You must have an Interlnk client if you are using
< Intersrvr, unless you hacked the protocol...
< >
< >I do use an old 386sx/25 as a headless server using MSdos6.22 intersvr
< >and interlnk software and a parallel port data cable(LapLink).

I do, did you misread?

< I would bet that _most_ hackers do it for commercial/industrial
< reasons. FOr everyone who built their own z80, hundreds came off the
< assembly line.

And hundreds more were modified. Very few were built from the ground up
but, many were built from an intermediate state. IE: buy a s100 z80 cpu
from company A, ram from B, floppy controller from n, floppy from S
and a box from a supplier of nothing but boxes... that constitues a
built z80 system circa 1980ish.

< >documented at best.
< That's an immense exaggeration. P-II boxes a) Have no jumpers, as a
< rule b) can support a 5.25" fdd if you can plug one in.

Why the "if you can plug one in"? Will plug and puke really work? What
do you do if it doesn't? What slot does the 8" controller from the XT
plug into on the PCI only board?

< >size. There are many PDP-8s (1970s tech), PDP-11s (late 70s into the
< >80s tech) and Data General Novas still in service as control systems
< >where they do the same thing everyday as the have for the last 20+
< years.
< I agree with that. It's impressive how many people think Windows NT
< is a safer option than UNIXoids though NT is only 1/3 as old...

Keeping in mind I was referring to systems in place and working as they
have for more years that M$ existed. Any bugs and the like have long
since been worked out or are at least well known. For someone makeing
steel parts or whatnot the OS, CPU and all that jazz really doesn't
matter when his task is to punch holes in 500 pieces a day.

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