Possible to fix a BA123 power supply?

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Sun Jul 26 14:08:26 1998

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>>Help? I have 2 power supplies for DEC BA123 boxes which
>>no longer function. I suspect that in each case, something very
>>simple has gone, such as the primary capacitors on the AC/DC
>I'd love some info on this myself. One of my Powersupplies has decided to
>die on me as well.
>I've not been able to find time to dig into the machine, are the two
>powersupplies in a BA123 the same or different? My dead one is the one
>that powers the card cage.

        According to my MicroVAX hardware manual, the power supply contains two
identical regulators. One handles the odd slots of the backplane, and the
disk drives, and the other does the even slots and whatever disk drives are

        Unfortunately, I lack field service prints. There's no telling if they're
still going to be available with Compaq's takeover of DEC.

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