Linux World Domination!

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 14:13:32 1998

>>Linux world domination continues! Oracle just announced it will be making
>>versions of its products for Linux. Informix is already shipping Linux
>>versions of their database products too!
> Uhhh... Sam? Old news. I saw that a week ago on ;-)

Oracle was the final piece in the Puzzle, mainly they were forced into it.
I think it was Ingres that started this (might have been Informix). Once
one announced a Linux port, the others had to follow, within 2 weeks all
three had announced Linux ports.

On a simular note, Corel is porting their office suite, including Corel
Draw to Linux, and a lot of people are expecting Adobe to respond (I really
hope they do).

> That, of course, doesn't make it any less dee-lightful. Now, if I could
>only convince the smaller EDA tool vendors to port to Linux... I'm going to
>be dual-boot until then, unfortunately. My schematic capture/SPICE
>simulator, and PCB layout programs will only run under NT.

They are on the way. I'm not sure which ones, but some of this has been

In the last few months Linux has reached critical mass, and is finally
being recognized as a mainstream OS. Having used it since 0.12 it really
feels wierd seeing this. Probably the best place to keep up with
commercial ports and such things is as it provides
daily links to all kinds of cool things.

BTW anyone that is running a current release of Linux such as RedHat 5.1
and is an Amiga fan should check out Enlightenment 0.14 it is the coolest window manager I've seen and
a lot better than 0.13.

Oh, and on a more classic note, DECnet is finally being added to Linux.
There are patches for the latest kernels, and some very basic utilities.
I've not tried it yet, but intend to today if I can find the time.

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