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Date: Sun Jul 26 14:30:16 1998

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>I've recently gotten the necessary hardware and software together to
>transfer Records (16, 33, 45, and 78) to CD. As part of this I was digging
>through my parents Record collection and found a record that is Moog music.


>Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows anything about what kind of hardware
>was used for this?

        There are doubtless other electronic music experts that can tell you more,
but here's what I know (and, as a point of interest, I actually got to look
at a Moog synthesizer when they first came out -- I think it was around '68
or '69).

        A Moog synth, as I understand it, is a huge collection of oscillators that
can each be individually tuned and configured to set up about any sort of
variation on a sine wave that one could imagine. Frequency, phasing,
flanging... all could be altered at will on every single oscillator.

        Once the oscillators were set up, they were patched through a sequencer
and outputted in the desired pattern. It was pretty wild stuff; your
average patch bay looked a lot like an old-style cord-and-plug telephone

        OK, Moog folk... how did I do? Considering that this knowledge is based on
barely-remembered impressions from when I was 8 or 9.

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